As a 21-year Lakeville resident, I know that this city is an incredible place; a place that affords people and businesses a chance to come together, to learn from and enrich one another, and a chance to succeed.

The Lakeville City Council, our city's legislative body, has the ability and responsibility to make this an even better place to live and work. By passing a budget that reflects the values and priorities of all Lakeville residents and business owners, by making sensible land use decisions, and by passing ordinances that proactively enhance our quality of life, the Council can have a powerful and positive impact on the future of this city.

I have been active in our community since 1993 and because of my passion for this community, have spent the past 19 years volunteering for the schools, churches, sports teams and civic and government boards and commissions.

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you in the City Council. In the years ahead, I will continue to work to keep our tax rate one of the lowest in Dakota County, to make prudent budget decisions, to challenge spending, to recruit and retain business and industry, and to protect our parks, trails and quality of life.

A successful democracy is based on dialogue and community involvement. As always, I welcome your input and hope you will continue to communicate your ideas with me. Please feel free to use the contact information below to share your vision for how to make Lakeville, our city, a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Please allow me to continue to put my experience to work for you as a member of the Lakeville City Council and vote for me on November 6th.

Kerrin Swecker
Council Member

Phone: 612-799-7878